Yeah, I love [goaltending]. Sometimes, hate it. It depends. Like a few weeks ago, they broke my chest protector during the practice. Like guys continue to start hitting me in same spot. You like “Why is like… Why so painful, you know?” Man. I don’t wanna be goalie no more. Can I sit at a office and accept calls like “Yeah? 1-800… Let me transfer to different department”.

At The Movies Outtakes - Jonathan Toews edition

hockey meme

↳ 5 teams: philadelphia flyers [1/5]

cutest ginger prospect of all time, connor brown ( ಠ◡ಠ )

for that anon who asked about the blogs i own:

“He’s a typical goalie — a little weird.” -Matt Dumba

coloring these videos is so fricking hard why does john moore hate me @ prime minister harper