I really appreciate your face, James Sheppard

eddie lack completes the ALS ice bucket challenge

this or that: favorite college hockey player on a team you hate or least favorite college hockey player on a team you love


Jamie & Jordie Benn on Game On

a collection of hockey songs and parodies, including hits like livin on brière, rock the sweater, hey there iginla and free to boo. listen here

"You start questioning yourself, you can’t understand. Am I not pretty enough? Am I not funny enough? Smart enough? Appealing enough? Nice enough? Am I missing something? You start to overanalyze the number of Facebook friends and Instagram likes and that time you did or did not do that thing. Still, with every flaw that you fix, every detail you change, the outcome is the same. Just as many ‘Good Morning, Miss! How can I help you?’ that sound like first liners from a Julia Roberts movie and just as little actual romantic experiences. It gets a little more frustrating day by day. You feel helpless and each strangers you see holding hands makes you want to shout “Why you? Why you and not me?” until your lungs are burning and your throat feels sore."

— À la Ted Mosby by Justine Collard (x)

ice anthems - a mix for that one song that reminds me of that one player.